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Therapies and Massages

Body, mind and soul

We think it’s very important within our daily struggle to have a commitment to oneself to work with our therapies and massages on a daily basis in order to emotionally deactivate blockages that people may have, whether they be physical, mental or energy blockages.

Find your balance

We restore the physical, mental and energy balance so that the person acquires harmony.

When a person is in this state of equilibrium he will have a greater connection with his soul or intuition. We teach our students to work in the same way, combining the different techniques that are necessary simultaneously.
  • Therapies

  • We think it’s very important in our daily struggle to make a commitment to ourselves to work with our therapies on a daily basis in order to emotionally deactivate the physical, mental and energy blockages people may have, thus creating a balance and relaxing them emotionally.
  • Massages

  • Massage, through proper relaxation and by releasing tension, helps allow an internal balance to exist in a person for as long as possible. The internal balance, both emotional and physical, produces a harmony of all the parts and internal organs of the body, and furthermore balances and harmonizes each and every one of the cells.

We work on physical, mental and energy blockages, with relaxing massages, facials, anti-cellulite treatments, Canadian and Swedish massages, chiro massage, sports massage, Cyriax massage and osteopathy.

+ Info about our therapies and massages

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