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Strength - Mind - Energy - Force - Mind - Energy -

We work on people combining strength, mind and energy. In this way, tensions and physical discomfort are first deactivated; the second phase produces an adjustment and emotional control in the patient’s mind, and the third phase reached is the recovery of the balance of energy in the different parts and organs of the body and in each and every one of its cells.

We teach people how to control their mind because most physical illnesses are caused by an emotional imbalance. After the session, the person will experience well-being, and their heart, mind and spirit will be in harmony as one. When a person is in this state they will have a greater connection with their soul or intuition.

We teach our students to work with their patients in the same way, combining at the same time the necessary different techniques.

Our different types of therapies include:

  • Physical Techniques

  • Physical techniques release tensions, contractures and atrophy in different parts of the body.

    We perform them through the different types of massages, stretching and releasing the joints.

  • Mental Techniques

  • The different mental techniques help to stop the head from spinning and thus allow you to control the mind.

    We perform them with different exercises and mental programming.

  • Energy Techniques

  • With different energy techniques we use energy to balance every part of the body and thereby strengthen the immune system and each and every one of its cells.

We have to balance the mind, body and spirit by combining the different therapies and in this state the person will reach harmony.

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