María Dolores Benito - Entre 2 Mundos
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María Dolores Benito

María Dolores BenitoMy story

I had always been in good health, until one day while entering the kitchen at home, as I was going down the stairs my feet and legs went out from underneath me and down I fell.

The next day I woke up with a sprained foot. I started going to the physiotherapist in town and when I felt better, they discharged me.

However, six months later my foot began to hurt again and I went to another physiotherapist. In fact, I had up to four in the space of two years. The last one gave me some rehabilitation which involved some wooden slats that restricted my leg movements and the muscles damaged by the sprain. I strengthened my ankle to the point where I started to run, but another six months later my foot had started to hurt again, forcing me to limp.

I had x-rays and I went to bone specialists. Eventually, desperate because no professional I saw could help me, I went to Jerónimo’s office. And he amazed me because he said that it was not a physical problem but an emotional. And he warned me that if I didn’t solve the emotional problem my foot would not be healed.

With his help I searched for the problem and it began to heal. And from then on my foot improved a lot.



Do not be in a hurry to live, first, find your way


At that time I had an “orange” savings account that had reached maturity and with which I was going to invest in a new home. As Jerónimo had taught me to how to relax and ask things of my inner self, so I did this, and the answer was to invest in the Calpe area. I had already seen houses near to where my parents lived and had seen one that I liked very much. At year end, we were due to receive a quite considerable increase of VAT and other taxes the following fiscal year on the purchase price of the house. But I listened to my interior.

I didn’t buy the house before the end of that fiscal year, despite the sharp increases in taxes forecast for the next year. And so the following year I went to visit houses in Calpe. Eventually I saw one that I liked very much. It was listed by the same developer as the house that I had already seen, and indeed was exactly the same build but in Calpe. It was part of the last phase of five houses being built and as none had sold, the developers had lowered the price to one that was very interesting for me.

Speaking with Jerónimo I told him about this coincidence, that they had given me a big discount. He gave me his point of view, that coincidences do not exist. That it was about choosing my path well, and that, in due time, I would know how to do this for myself, and that’s why I benefited from that discount.

“You are the owner of your truth”

We have created the association to lessen the importance we give to the opinion of others, both of professionals and people close to us. Because basically, who knows us best, and who knows how we want to live better than ourselves? We all have an intuition that makes us unique and different from each other. And yet, in making important decisions in life or in illness, we give all the power to others. I know this is an error because we all have our own unique truth; for even in the face of illness we can derive an emotional cause as a result of being provoked, or by not being able to be ourselves in the environment that surrounds us.

Work on your inner self

Now I know that the biggest problem I had at that time was not being able to be myself in a society where everyone had an opinion about everything and nobody had the absolute truth about anything. Working with our inner selves in a world of movements, ideologies and groups will set us free. The association will help you find your own being and your own path, to become independent and free to live your life. To this day I live in Calpe and continue to ask questions of my intuition.