Jerónimo Rico - Entre 2 Mundos
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Jerónimo Rico

Jerónimo Rico“I had to lose my sight to start seeing clearly”

I had to suffer an accident and lose my sight so that I could see many of the things that I was unable to see before.
As a result of the accident the four senses became more acute and the sixth one opened. I didn’t know this, but it’s something quite normal that often happens to a person when he loses a sense as important as sight in order to provide a supplement. It’s part of the survival instinct.

With the opening of my sixth sense, the sensory channels that everyone has also opened. And I could clearly perceive and sometimes hear or see the invisible world that exists around us.

But because of my emotional conflicts I had myself created a trauma because I couldn’t accept living without my sight. And the confusion I had caused permanent stress and I just lived with it because I didn’t understand why these mystical experiences were happening to me. I felt very ill and the psychiatrist, because he didn’t understand what was happening to me either, had prescribed a lot of medication for me within a few days. One day I decided to tell him about my experiences and he said, ” I knew there was something wrong, but you’re worse than I thought. I’m going to increase your medication.”

A week later when I went back, the first thing he asked me was Are you still seeing what you saw before?

I sensed where he was going and I answered:I don’t feel anything anymore, I’m not seeing anything anymore.

He replied –That medication is very good. There are people who have to be given a lot of medication before they stop having the symptoms you had. And for some it doesn’t work and they end up in a psychiatric hospital.


But, what if what was happening to me wasn’t strange at all?


The doctor didn’t believe anything I told him. But the truth is, every time I kept having more mystical experiences. I had to go to different paid professionals and none of them could figure out what was happening to me, until one day I met a great professional, already retired, but who had been recommended to me.

After looking through all my history and doing the necessary tests, he assured me that I was healthier than an apple and that I didn’t have anything serious. He said that everything was as a result of my accident and that it was an emotional reaction. He added that my mystical experiences were something normal that happened to many people, especially younger children and people who had suffered a major change in life like me.
He told me I couldn’t stop taking all the medication all at once because I was indeed taking a lot of pills. But I changed my medication to three pills a day for three months and then gave them up completely.

When the consultation was over, I asked him, –Doctor, when do I have to come back?

And he answered me, I’m going to discharge you now. He told me though that I had to follow his instructions and reduce the medication as instructed. And so, little by little, I was able to clear my head.

And although it cost me dearly to stop the medication and face life again, in the end I was able to do it. And I was also fighting for my son who was only one year old at the time. But after stopping my medication, I was able to start living life again.

“Everything happens in life for a reason”

Nowadays I understand why I suffered the accident and why these experiences happened to me. And I continue to see those signs that life gives to everyone, through nature and mother earth. Before I was not aware of the invisible world that exists around us because I was absorbed by my own obligations and my work. I thought I knew how to live my life, because I had my health, a job, was well-off and surrounded myself with good people. That’s why I lived well and in my way I was happy. But when this is the only thing that you do, unfortunately for most people it just means you’re surviving life. Because, although we don’t want to be, consciously or unconsciously, we are manipulated and directed by our environment, and especially by those closest to us. Because of this, even if we don’t want it to, the material world still absorbs us. Through the knowledge I have gained from my experiences, I decided to found the Association in order to help people not suffer from emotional conflicts, but be able to redirect their own minds themselves instead of being directed, and to help people who suffer with mystical experiences understand why they happen to them and what they should learn from them.

Two lives, two worlds, one reality

Thanks to my life experiences and particularly to the knowledge that I have acquired, especially in the last years that I have lived without sight, I have gone through the four poles. That is why I can say to all four winds that life is for me.

I have lived and still live in this life, as two lives in two different stages. In each stage of my life I have known half of what life is, and in the second stage I have learned a totally different way of living it. Before suffering the accident I only knew one half. But today I am aware of the two halves that make up the totality of life.
These two halves are created by two parallel worlds. One is visible to the eye and the other is invisible to the majority of eyes, but both are there in equal form. They are both wrapped and linked together, forming one and only one world. Our visible world is a reflection of the invisible. Generally, we have a distorted view of what life is. When what we know is only half of life’s existence, we still think it’s enough to live by. And in a way it is. Because to survive, it’s enough to have the minimum level of knowledge and consciousness that is needed to walk through life. That’s why I say that there is no need to know more than most people know. These people will always live half-heartedly, making the mistake of conforming to what they know, and not wanting to complicate their lives by learning more. Because, in order to know the totality of life, one must know the other half of existence, which is where we come from and where our principles were born.

When one knows about the two halves of life’s existence then one knows its totality. Therefore, instead of living the rest of your life half-heartedly, live it to the full. And one can develop and grow as a person and at the same time help others and do it together. In this way our souls will be able to evolve more easily.

This should be the right thing to do, to be able to help each other. Thus, we would all learn and evolve faster. But unfortunately, many people do not want to complicate their lives. They just want to live fast and get back as soon as possible to where they came from. Because consciously or unconsciously, they have realized that for whatever reason they have strayed so far from their path that they are not able to face and fulfill the purpose they are meant to realise.

We live between two worlds

We live between two worlds that we need to know about because we are connected to them and they are where we receive our energy from and that they give us life and shelter, protecting us from the outside. That is why the name of the association is Living Between 2 Worlds.

Today I know the two halves of these worlds and I know what life is. Because as I observe, I know everything that surrounds us. And as I study what happens around me and analyze why things happen, I can answer the question we all ask ourselves. The “why”…? I am fortunate because I know how everything that surrounds me influences me, especially those closest to me, including people. In the same way, I know when I move a finger how it affects my whole environment and how it affects other people. That’s why I study any movement or word I’m going to say, to do my environment and other people as little harm as possible.

Throughout the journey that I have made to rediscover myself, I have acquired a level of awareness and knowledge to be able to give an interpretation of everything that surrounds us and of life itself. When I understood the “why”, I found myself. And since then I have been happy. Because I know how to live life, I have well-being and quality of life. And I am happy at heart because I know the totality of life’s existence. That’s why, today, I can live life to the full.
For me life is just a school where we each bring a task and we all come to learn. And that task has to be done through the wheel of life. Life is like a theater. And the earth is our great stage where we all have to interpret our role.

People have to ask their inner selves what their role on earth is and what role they have to perform. In this way, they will be able to grow and develop as people and will be able to evolve their souls.

I'd like to advise that this is my and only my story and that by sharing it, it's not my intention to convince anyone of anything. And much less would I like anyone to suggest otherwise. Each person should take from this what they think may be true or good for them. And for the rest, everything has to pass.