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Become a member

Join the Entre2Mundos family and enjoy a full and happy life

Are you tired of running in circles? Those questions and dreams, why are these things happening to you? Have you not found the right answer? Or are you still questioning and looking for the answer?

You are the owner of your answers


Only you can analyze and find out the “why” of your experiences. Bear in mind that if you have the opinion of a third person that, whether consciously or unconsciously, you will be manipulated because it might be the answer for them but will never be yours. This is logical because each mind is its own world, and each person has to travel a different path in it.

At the Association we will teach you to have a psyche so that you don’t let yourself be manipulated, lead by anything or anyone, and to always be yourself.

It’s good to listen to the opinions of others, but, finally, one always has to judge by using one’s own criteria. A person always has to make decisions in a timely manner so that they don’t stagnate and let blockages occur.

Join the Entre2Mundos family and through a common commitment between us we will become strong in love and in our struggle to achieve the change in ourselves and then secondly, through love and mediation, to help change others. This, so that each one of us understands which way he has to travel here on earth. And so that they can do it in harmony and in peace.

Our plans

In the association we have created a wonderful project so that we are able to be of great help socially, especially for the most needy.

Like the points man operating on the railway changing the direction of the rails, yes, we really are different!

The board of directors of the association advises anyone who wants to be a member and benefit from the services provided by the association, that they have to respect and support any decision or change made by the board as long as it deems it appropriate. And we ask of everyone that they have mutual respect so that we are able to live freely and in harmony. Every member has to do work on themselves first for their own benefit, so that they become strong and can help others. Each person has the duty to learn and develop in order to open their mind. They will always have our support so that they can trust in themselves and by doing so be able to study and analyze the consciousness they will receive. Because each person has their own world and although they have to take different paths, they all run parallel and lead to Rome.

We feel that we can’t please people who think we have a magic wand or that we can work miracles because they have heard that others work like that. For us, these things just don’t exist.

We would like to clarify that we do not sell a consciousness, or courses, neither treat everyone in the same way. We do not sell; we teach people so that they can work on themselves and themselves alone, feeling unbound and through their own intellect. Thus they will know that everything is derived through the mind and they will not look for any outside influences. Because they will see that everything comes from inside.

If they act well and control their mind, the miracle will take place inside them. Because everything works from the inside out. Our job is only as a counselor and as a man who changes the points and direction as on a railway. We do not work better, or worse than others. We only do it in a different way, helping the person to work alone. Because that is the approach that works.

We do not manipulate because we do not like to be manipulated.


Pepi Diaz will support people who have mystical experiences or clairvoyance so that they understand what is happening to them and what information they have to take from these experiences, although finally it’s up to them to analyze it and do it alone.

People who have blockages or those who feel lost or want to find their way will have the support of María Dolores Benito, but again in the end, they will have to find what they are looking for by self-study.

To know the “why” or to be able to find oneself, or to be able to free yourself, to be able to face life, or indeed for any other question, Jerónimo Rico will support you. But once more, you will always be the one finally who has to study, analyze and make decisions for yourself. Join Between2Worlds Experiences and we will show you how to work on yourself to discover your gifts and talents.

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  • Advanced plan

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    • Same as basic plan +
    • Discounts of 50% in conferences and courses
    • Discounts on massages and therapies

Join Entre2Mundos Experiences and we will show you how to work on yourself to discover your gifts and talents