The Association - Entre 2 Mundos
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The Association

The Entre2Mundos Experience

Do you really know who and how you are? Find out, it will surprise you.

Entre2Mundos Experiences is a non-profit association that aims to incorporate the awareness and knowledge that a person must have to form a good connection with his own spirit. This way he will reach a balance with the physical materialistic and consumer world.

The Association’s Objectives

Entre2Mundos Experiences is something that makes people believe in themselves, to be free and start being themselves with only the help of their own inner self or soul…

It’s born through the mediation of the soul and dies through it. That’s why it’s so important that everyone finds that unknown part of themselves that makes us unique and complete.

So that our soul doesn’t fall into the bad ways that drive most of our current society, suffering and struggling, first with oneself and later, in conflict with others. Because the Association will teach us: Who are we? Where do we come from and where are we going? So that each person ends up being unique and complete, listening to their conscience and living a full life.

In the association we have set a goal, to help everyone discover the life that is for them. Because everyone has the right to know how best to live their life. Although later each person decides to live their life however they want. Life is very beautiful; you just have to understand it to know how to live it.

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Entre2Mundos Experiences aims to reach the inside of a person, creating those moments that bring them toward having a clearer vision of the inner self.