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Only with the heart can you truly see; the essential is invisible to the eyes.

Discover the Entre2Mundos Experience firsthand with Jerónimo Rico, co-founder of the Association.


Jerónimo Rico: student of the mind and the sixth sense, professor of different physical techniques, both mental and those using energies.

In order to develop, I first had to lose my sight. And when I was free, I could open up my mind. And now I am conscious of many things that exist without being able to see as I did before. Now I am aware of many of things that exist that I didn’t know of before, because I can see what is happening in our environment. I see what happens beyond the point normally reached by our eyes, the rigid world, which we have been told since childhood is all that exists and beyond which there is nothing more, and so that is what we believed. But for me it’s evident that reality is very different from what was told to us then and that which we believed existed.

Because our world is in fact bigger and goes much further than that. My new challenge is to instruct people to be free.

Thus, these people will be able to open their minds to see that the world goes on far further, and be able to analyze those they meet, and even themselves. Because, finally, they are the only ones that have to make whatever decisions necessary. They have to listen to their inner self; only this way will they walk through life without giving their power and money to the first thing that comes along. And they will have to develop and grow as people. And in parallel, they should help others in the evolution of their souls.

Once life is understood, then you know how to live and can fulfill your journey on earth by being happy.

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“Life is very beautiful; you just have to understand it to know how to live it”

The man who knows the exterior is a scholar.

The man who knows himself is wise.

He who conquers others is powerful.

The one who finds himself is invincible.

Laot (16th Century Thinker)

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